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Choosing the right Domane Names is very important. There are lots of theorys as to what is the best way to set out your domane name, but the most important one ,for business, is relevance.

If your web site is for business then it is best to have a domane name relevant to the product or service you are selling ie. if you are selling printable stamps then a domane name like www.printable-stamps.com is going to be ideal.

Of course, if you already have a business name then that would be the best domane name for your web site, that means that offline customers have a far better chance of finding you online. The more relevant the domane names, the more people are likely to remember your website.

Arguments rage amongst internet "gurus" about the best way to have your domane name, whether you should separate the words with a - or just to lump all the words together. Il leave that decision up to you, but the clearer the domane name the better in my book.

There are lots of places you can get domane names from so here at www.domane-name.com we have trawled through the endless sites selling domane names and hand picked some that offer good domane names at affordable prices.

Domane Name Providers

The first we are going to profile is www.GoDaddy.com

The team at www.GoDaddy.com are always happy to help you find the right domane names, if the .com is taken they also offer everything else from .us and .uk to .jobs and .eu.

www.GoDaddy.com are not just about domane names they can also arrange your hosting and privacy details, click the banner below for more details.

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And with a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of special offers www.GoDaddy.com are one of the best domane names providers.

The second domane names provider we have selected for you is Dotster.com.

Launched in 2000 Dotster.com has nearly three million domanes, and is one of the world's largest ICANN-accredited domane name registrars.

Dotster.com gives customers something worth clicking for: their domane name registrations include free URL forwarding, free domane name parking, free SpamShield, free TransferLock, and free ownership transfers.

Dotster.com customers can also add features like WHOIS privacy, e-mail services, web hosting, DNS certificates, and more.They are well known for our ability to deliver hard-to-find domane names and unique domain extensions such as .MD.

Dotster.com treat customers like family, and offer superior online account management tools and dedicated support from their customer care team .

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How to Pick the Perfect domane name

What makes the perfect domane name?

Well, it has to be:

1. Relatively short
2. Simple to remember
3. Easy to spell

I was speaking to a customer recently who had a business called 'Otway Valley Trading Company'.

The domane name he wanted was: www.otwayvalleytradingcompany.com

Can you spot some of the problems with this domane name?

Here's a few:

1. It's too long:

Having to type a long domane name into your browser is annoying and also increases the chances of your customers making a spelling mistake.

2. Too many keywords:

Having 4 keywords (Otway Valley Trading Company) makes it hard for customers to remember the name of the site.

Try to stick to one or two keywords in your domane name.

3. Easy to misspell:

The word 'otway' can be easily confused for 'ottway'.

4. Makes the email address too long:

An email address for this domane name would look like this:


... that's a mouthful for anyone to remember.

Picking a Good domane name:

1) The shorter the better

Having a short and snappy domane name makes it easier for your customer to remember your website address, and easier to type into their Internet browser.

2) Go for something catchy

Keep in mind that your domane name doesn't have to be boring. In fact, if you can come up with something catchy - it's a great way to distinguish your business from the competition - just ask the people at Yahoo!.

3) Avoid using hyphens

We've found that hyphens in domane names tend to confuse people.

Sometimes you'll see websites that have a hyphen separating keywords (e.g. ace-accounting.com). This is almost always because the preferred domane name (aceaccounting.com) has already been registered by someone else.

If the domane name you want is already being used by someone else, then you're better off coming up with an alternative domane name then using hyphens.

4) Avoid using numbers

If possible, try avoiding the use of numbers in your domane name, as this can also lead to confusion (e.g. was that 3phones.com or threephones.com ?).

But if you have to use a number, make sure you register both the written and numerical versions of your domane name (3phones.com and threephones.com).

5) Grab a thesaurus

If you're struggling for inspiration or finding it difficult to come up with a domane name that hasn't already been taken - grab a thesaurus (or visit Thesaurus.com)

Say you run an adventure tour company and you want to register excitingadventures.com - but somebody has already registered the domane name.

Lookup the word 'exciting' at Thesaurus.com and you can quickly find an alternative like 'breathtaking, sensational or fascinating'.

And don't be afraid to use a little imagination - companies like Google and Yahoo! have benefited a lot by having a unique web address.

Adrian Mullan is the author of 'The Internet Demystified' and founder of WebDummy.com - a popular internet marketing resource for small business owners. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adrian_Mullan

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