Want to make money with your website?

www.domane-name.com shows you how.

There are lots of ways to make money with a website. The most obvious is if you are selling a product.

But you dont have to have a warehouse full of stock to make your website earn money for you, below are some other options to help you "monetize" your site.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of adding revenue to your site.

If for instance your site is about computers, you can find an affiliate merchant that specializes in computers and add some links to their site from yours.

It is great because if someone has come to your site looking for something but cant find what they are looking for, instead of you losing out by them just clicking back or typing in a new URL, they can go to your merchants site and if they purchase anything from them you will get a percentage.

You will need to join an affiliate network to find merchants and get links.

cj.com are one of the more popular affiliate networks with thousands of different merchants in hundreds of product categories. they can definitely help you Turn your traffic into profit

As well as cj.com, Chitika.com have burst on to the scene with their "eMiniMalls" This is definitely worth a look as the "eMiniMalls" are totally interactive, allowing the user to search other sites without leaving your site (meaning more chance of you earning revenue). Click here to visit Chitika.com.

2. Google Adsense

Google probably the worlds largest search engine have a product designed to give your site extra revenue.

You can put either coloured banner ads or text ads on your site and Google will put adverts on them relevant to the content of your site. An example of a text ad can be seen at the side of this page.

Click on the button below for more info on Googles Adsense program.

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