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A collection of handcrafted rugs that continues to follow the Fabricut aesthetic & values to soften the hard surfaces of the home.

Fabricut Rug Collection

Fabricut Inc. has expanded to become a whole home source to the trade. Now, introducing a collection of handcrafted rugs that continues to follow the Fabricut aesthetic and values to soften the hard surfaces of the home.

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A refined, timeless elegance featuring rich textures & evocative, compelling patterns.

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An art deco inspired diamond pattern with an on-trend concentric shape. Gatsby is handwoven with a viscose pile for sheen and luxury, and a wool base for durability. Gatsby evokes a lustrous and elegant look.

Wool—25% Viscose—55% Cotton—20%


Exquisite combination of silk like pile and cotton loops create a multi-dimensional broken stripe effect. Murmur is hand knotted over steel rods, wrapped and then cut.

Tencel—50% Viscose—40% Cotton—10%


A classical geometric inspired by traditional tiles. The lustrous viscose pile is perfectly silk like. Octavian is handwoven by skilled artisans.

Wool—25% Viscose—55% Cotton—20%

Dew Drops

Irregular and organic in feeling, the raised droplets have sheen and luster while the looped area is matte and visibly hand knotted. This modern design catches the eye with its nuanced tones.

Wool—60% Viscose—30% Cotton—10%


A tactile experience offering understated allure through dimensional textures, designs & hues.

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This soft flatweave with a rich blend of mélange yarns creates dimension and natural beauty in neutral coloways. Bailey has a buried Lurex yarn woven throughout for an elegant metallic accent. Selvedge hem at the top and bottom.

Cotton—40% Wool—24% Viscose—24% Polyester—12%


Inspired by a vintage Persian carpet, Dharma is woven with a rich pile but in soft, tone on tone colors. The distressed patterning creates a modern and vintage appeal. this pattern has a border that makes it feel like a work of art.

Wool—60% Viscose—20% Cotton—20%


This foundation rug is hand-loomed to create an all-over texture with the perfect mix of sheen and matte. Whittle has a fashionable heathered appearance.

Wool—50% Viscose—35% Cotton—15%


A distinctive & artistic statement highlighting abstract, geometric patterns & textural beauty.

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The abstract, modern movement in unique color combinations creates an all-over effect that effortlessly pulls the colors of a room together. This hand-knotted rug is hand sheared for a multi-pile effect that adds dimension and intrigue to Abstruse.

Wool—70% Viscose—30%


This low loop, high pile design is dynamic and dimensional. The concentric lines create a bold geometric that spans the width of the rug. Grand in scale and allure, Vacillate is a modern take on a hand-loomed rug.

Wool—25% Viscose—55% Cotton—20%

Grifter (Performance)

Contemporary broken lines are woven with the look of heathered wool. the solution dyed polyester yarns offer enhanced durability. Grifter has a thick pile and is also fade resistant and cleanable.

Solution Dyed Polyester—100%


Thick, wool rich pile with two tones for a contemporary heathered effect. Hand-loomed and durable, Perry is handsome and luxurious.

Wool—70% Viscose—15% Cotton—15%

Rug Pads

For additional longevity, we recommend pairing the rug with a rug pad.

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Rug Pads

Our premium rug pad is designed to extend the life of your rug. The thick pile and strong rubber backing provide a non-slip surface that will keep your rug from sliding. This rug pad is designed to be used felt-side up on hard surfaces and felt-side down when used over another carpet or rug.

Felt—100% Duragon Rubber Backing—100%